Green Tara



Medium: Mixed media

Material: Canvas (Triptych)

Size (CM): 173×121

Artist: Mukesh Shrestha

Year: 2016

Location: Kathmandu

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Green Tara
Materials And Techniques: Mixed Media on Canvas(Acrylic and Oil color,Texture white,Glue and Oil) Dimensions: 173 cm breath,122 cm height
Year: 2017-2018
Combining traditional Buddhist images in a contemporary way. I choose the Buddhist elements as a healing element of peace.Through my continuance of Newar Paubha Painting I preserve the Buddhist tradition in a modern way.
Green Tara sitting in( lalita Asana ) a pose of ease-one leg pendant and often resting on a lotus flower. The other leg is in the usual position of Buddha. She holds lotus flower in  right hand and a half-closed lotus or water – lily flower with long petals which is often blue. She is regarded as spiritual  consort of Amoghasiddhi ,the Dhyani of the five Dhyani Buddha. Green Tara represents the virtues of success in work and achievements and the protector from envy she is also worship for bringing good women. Her gestures in the mudra of fearlessness, symbolizing her and her devotees, fearlessness to words the poisons or delusions. The background of Green  Tara at the inner circle there are eight auspicious symbols 1.The Dharma Wheel,2.The Parasol,3.The endless Knot,4.The Conch Shell,5.The lotus flower,6.The Treasure Vase 7.The Golden Fish and 8.The banner of Victory.And at the outer circle on the body of an elephant there is Hitimanga at first Garuda at second and Chhepu at the top. Hitimanga is hybrid creature with low jaw of crocodile,trunk of an elephant,an eyes of monkey, Ear of wild  boar,flexible body of a fish and tail of peacock, traditionally identify with water and it believes to be the source of existence and fertility. Garuda, represents birth and heaven and is the enemy of all snakes (Nagas). Garuda is legendary bird in Buddhist. He is variously the vehicle of mount of the Amogsiddhi Buddh.He has head, wings, talon's and beak of an eagle and the body and limbs of man.Among the three brothers Garuda , chhepu and Hitimanga ,chhepu is bravest, most truthful and entitled with all superior marks, So he is given, the place at the top of the main entrance of the shrines for the protection from all the dangers.At the bottom of the painting there are garudas enemy of all snakes.