Medium: Print making

Material: Etching

Size (CM): 40.5 X 50

Year: 2019

Location: Kathmandu

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In south Asia women are suppressed by society. In other hand there are lots of women who are also leading the society. In my case I usually work on women issues. In between of that most of my work speak about women freedom and problems. And I try to objectify about women suppression about mensuration in the society mostly in rural areas. My artwork reflects about the “Chhaupadi Custom” which is mainly seen in the far western part of Nepal. This is the menstrual issue where women are kept in cowsheds for the time of periods. Many girls and women are compelled to do these things where many have died due to improper sanitation and care. So, QUEEN is a metaphor for those women who have died and are still compelled to do these things for the name of the society.