Terms of use

Thank you for visiting Nepalian Art an online gallery and art marketplace. Your use of the Site indicates that you have read, understood and agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not be qualified to be a member. We may modify the Terms from time to time without notice to you. We encourage you to check our Site frequently to see the current Terms in effect and any changes that may have been made to them. By using the Site following any modifications to the Terms, you agree to be bound by such modifications.

Use of the Site

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Nepaliian Art is a dedicated art and craft online gallery and art marketplace that promotes Nepali art and artists. This platform provides artists, individuals, collectors, dealers and galleries to buy and sell Nepali art and craft. All individuals, galleries and business can be a MEMBER and be a vendor to trade their artwork or collection.

The site offers the following:

Membership For Marketplace users

Artist/ Individual Membership: Rs. 3000 per year (Maximum 20 artwork listing per year, no other commission charges)

Company Membership: Rs. 6000 per year (Max 30 artwork listing per year, no other commission charges)

Marketplace users WILL NOT have controls on Exclusive and Recommended section. Similarly, the users will also not be able to list under Himalayan Style Art, Antiques ( including sub categories) and Museum Quality artwork.

Renew every year or renew it once the limit is used up. For renewal please contact Nepalian Art.

Listing artwork or product in “Exclusive to Nepalian Art” section

The Artwork/product will be featured on the landing page. Maximum twelve to eighteen items will be displayed. Just one item allowed per artist or vendor.

Listed works are not allowed to be displayed in any other websites, galleries or any similar platforms. If such activities are seen, the artwork/product will be unlisted from the Nepalian Art Site.

All Artworks or products featured in this section will be exclusively selected by Nepalian Art. This listing can only be done by the Nepalian Art team.

Listing artwork or product inRecommended by Nepalian Artsection

The product will be featured on the landing page Maximum twelve to eighteen items will be displayed. Just one item allowed per artist and vendor.

Rs. 1000.00  will be charged to be listed on this section, no other commission with be charged. Listing will remain for three months.

Anyone can list on this section by sending a request while listing items from their account. Artwork or product must get approved by Nepalian Art.


All the shown prices are controlled by the Artists and the marketplace users, this pricing structure is not controlled by the Nepalian Art.

Advertising with Nepalian Art.

Gallery, Antique shop, Book shop and other related business can advertise in the front page dedicated spaces.

All advertisements will stay for 30 days. Please email nepalianartmarket@gmail.com to request pricing tariff. Send us your queries HERE.

Membership Registration process

  1. Artist and vendors can register and apply for membership via Nepalian Art website.
  2. Once registration artwork or product can be uploaded to Nepalian art. Listing will remain on hold at this point.
  3. Pay your Membership Fee to Nepalian Art.
  4. Once the payment is received and acknowledged, the listing will reviewed by Nepalian Art and will be listed online within 24 hours.
  5. Rejected listing will be unlocked for the user to change at anytime.

Payment Method: Pay your Membership Fee to Nepalian Art, Via bank transfer, Esewa or from a FonePayDirect from the banking app. Email us for details!

Legal obligations

1. Nepalian Art will not allow to list any historical objects from the heritage sites, open spaces, shrines, temples, stupas and other religious places.

2. All listed Items must be less than 80 years old. Items more than 100 years old CANNOT be listed bought or sold as per the government of Nepal’s law, if such objects are found the relevant government body will be informed.

3. All privately owned objects must be clearly marked and declared.

4. All Marketplace enquirers and sell, delivery must be managed by the marketplace vendors.

5. All Antique listing will be verified by Nepalian Art. Contact us to add it to your listing!